Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

Well at least it's only January and I'm posting Christmas least it's not "Christmas in July" yet. Enjoy!

Ellie's first Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. The look on her face is saying, "Why the heck did you people wake me up!?" She did great in Mass though. Not a peep, but she did look around the entire time. I think she was too excited for Santa to fall asleep.

Ellie & Hartung cousins Christmas morning before getting started on stockings.

All three girls had such a fun time!

Pajamas, presents, breakfast. Merry Christmas!

Ellie normally naps every 2 hours or so during the day. Today, she stayed up for at least 4 hours straight. She just sat with Nonna and watched all of the presents & chaos.

Her first coat! And a fur one, at that! Nonna spoiled Ellie with her first fur.

Thomas loved helping Ellie open her presents. She got more than Mommy & Daddy combined!!!

Her Christmas dinner outfit. It's new from Daddy! I want to kiss this face. Although it looks like she just smelled her stinky diaper!?!?

Too many mimosas...

Love you, family!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Month!?!?

I cannot believe it has been over A MONTH since I last "blogged"!! What a bad Mommy. :)
We had a great month leading up to the Holidays and an even better time enjoying them once they were here. Ellie's First Christmas. My First Christmas in Charlotte with Thomas' family. Ellie's First New Year. The list goes on.

I'll quickly go through the month of December in this blog leading up to Christmas Eve. My apologies for taking so long but we were just having too much fun to sit at the computer. And I've been working on real estate, too. This week I got my first contract since getting back into it "the game". Woo hoo!

Ellie is appx 4 months here. Time flies. And look how those cheeks are growing, too! :) She's still an angel.

A look at the view from my office.

It's a great view isn't it: Ellie, coffee, Christmas tree, laptop, view out to the sunny days. We only stay this way for a few mintues before Ellie plays on her mat on the floor next to me. She can only sit in the Bumbo for a few minutes before wiggling. And I don't let her wiggle since she's on top of the table. Never fear--I'm always within an arms length to grab her!

Around 4 months, Ellie was practically weaned from sleeping swaddled in a blanket. Here she is in a little sleep gown with her cute "feetsies" hanging out.  Her freedom from the swaddling blanket was completely undone around Christmas when Ellie had a growth spurt causing her to wake up every 2 hours at night even hungrier and more grumpy than before. The swaddle was back in full force to insure as much sleep as possible. Two steps forward, one step back, right?

Update on the nursery: a bookshelf!

Great Uncle Greg and Great Aunt Dawn gave Ellie this wonderful bookshelf that is now home to books, toys, and dolls. It has put the finishing touch on her room.

Thomas, Ellie, and I went to McAdenville (about 30 min from Charlotte) to see their Christmas lights. The city becomes "Christmas Town USA" (this is literally how they advertise) for the month of Dec. It was a great time and the weather cooperated by being clear & cold!

We parked the car in front of the downtown Post Office and walked part of the route so we could enjoy the lights and the homes up close and personal.

The line of cars was took us about 20 minutes waiting in line before we could even get to the main road. It was fun to see all the kids so excited!

Mommy & Ellie outside. It was FREEZING but, darn it, it was sunny. We had been couped up for at least 5 days with cold rain and this day was sunny and we took our play time outside. We only lasted about 20 minutes but it was refreshing nonetheless.

All the presents wrapped and ready to go to Aunt Regina's for Christmas morning!

The week before Christmas Thomas, Ellie, and I went to Isabella & Emma's Holiday Recital at their school. It was raining so Daddy protected Ellie since we were sans umbrella.

Here's Isabella, one of the recital stars, signing autographs for Ellie.

"Mom, I want to dance and sing with my older cousins!"

Proud Cousin Isabella after her show.

This was an interesting night. No, Ellie didn't blink for the picture. She is sleeping. This bath was given at about 10pm one night because Ellie had "spit up" all over herself. The sheets, her outfit, her HAIR! Poor angel. You can't imagine my guilt and need to cuddle her once I found that she had spit up and then fallen asleep in it!
She had had such a rough night she couldn't even stay up for her bath.

Wrapping final stocking stuffers and enjoying a cocoa drink with homemade whip cream by Santa's favorite Chef Elf. It was late and we were obviously a little silly.

Christmas, here we come!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Magic, Courtney Linnehan Style

Here are some pics that Miss Courtney took of us for a Holiday Photo.
Courtney also watched Ellie the other night while I went to a Christmas party at the real estate office and Thomas worked. She was the first non-family member to watch Lil Miss Ellie. They had a small battle (a 10-minute crying kind) but Courtney stuck to her guns and informed me that she "won". Courtney: 1 Ellie: 0
We'll see what the score is next time! :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Bumbo

Cohen was so sweet to let Ellie borrow his Bumbo. Ellie has really been enjoying it and loves being able to "sit up" by herself. She can't do it yet on her own, but with the Bumbo, she sits on the floor and can play with her small toys like a big girl!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Getting Ready For Christmas!

You probably know that Thomas' most beloved time of year is Christmas. The season starts for him the day after Thanksgiving and he is 100% full-speed ahead until Christmas day. We've been watching lots of Christmas movies, only have the Holiday radio station on, and have been enjoying hot chocolate in the evenings. Here are some pics of the Martin Household getting ready for the season...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Grammy & Grandpa's Day

During our Thanksgiving visit to FL, Thomas & I left Ellie with Grammy & Grandpa so we could go visit with friends. She still had a cold and didn't want to be "out and about" and it was the perfect excuse to have her spend time with G + G without any interruptions!

Enjoying perfect FL weather

This means sleepy time!

Here is Ellie with her "girlfriend". This is the doll that hangs above her diaper-changing station. We brought it with us b/c the lights and music she makes are magic to Ellie. She started crying in the car on the way back to Charlotte and Girlfriend distracted her enough into forgetting she was upset! Girlfriend has magical powers.

Friday, November 27, 2009

More Family!

Since this was Ellie's first trip to FL, she met lots of other family that she'd heard so much about. She loved everyone and was in great spirits while being held by everyone. She must have known these were those special family members we always talk about.

Aunt Dawn got to "bond" with Sarah for the first time at Thanksgiving 1981. Here she is, 28 years later, meeting Miss Ellie at Thanksgiving.

I love Great Aunt Dawn!

Uncle Greg got to hold Ellie before she headed to bed for a nap. She's all swaddled here...but that's no more as of our return to Charlotte. Ellie has moved on from the swaddle. I can't decide if I'm happy or not about this; I'm not ready to already be "done" with certain parts of her life!

Grammy and Grandpa had some Christmas gifts to give Ellie before the season started (cute Santa socks, a Christmas pacifier holder, an ornament). Aunt Myra is holding Ellie while Uncle Steve watches.

"Grammy, I want to go over there!"

Here is Grandpa with his first Great-Grandchild. He loves her sooo much. It was so special for her to meet her this trip for the first time.