Friday, February 26, 2010

Misc. Fun

Here are some snipits from early February. The image quality seems a little less than satisfactory...the pics were emailed from my phone so I think some of the quality was lost.
I'll have to be better about toting the camera around more.

Thomas got Ellie her first swim suit for Valentines Day. He took Ellie & I to Blowing Rock/Boone for the weekend and we had a great time! It was way too cold outside to enjoy the suit, but we had to have her try it on and do a photoshoot. We've been going to the Harris Y right near our house and using their indoor pool. I've got pictures of that adventure somewhere!?! I'll post...
But Ellie loves the water and does a great job floating!

Mmm! Sweet potatoes! Ellie is still enjoying solids and getting used to the idea. So far, she's had banana's (her fave), sweet potatoes, peas, and apple (I blended one up into sauce form). Sometimes I mix rice cereal or oatmeal cereal into the food, but it makes it so much more bland. I think avocado is next on our list!

Sitting pretty with her bow from Aunt Emily and her sweater from Cousin Hannah.
Or maybe Cousin Wes picked it out?!
Look at those chubby feet! Love them.

Puppies getting a little rowdy with the food. The light gray one on the right is the one Emily is going to have. She hasn't decided on a name but they have already bonded!

The group. They love their box!

So chilly! Ellie is sporting her super-cool tights, with her super-cool hat, and her gorgeous dress (from Grammy!). She loves sitting like a big girl in the stroller (and not in her car seat attached to the stroller any more). What she does not love is the cold wind! When it gets blustery and really chilly, she will suck in air and kind of catch her breath when it hits her face and if it keeps up for a few seconds, she will force me to pick her up....
She looks so cold down there all by herself!
She is not a fan of the cold weather. But we go out anyway! :)

Snuggly Babies

The puppies are so big, and so cute! They've got their coats, and Ellie has hers.
Such snuggly babies (the pups and Ellie!)...

Tub Time

Ellie is doing an amazing job at sitting up. She can sit for as long as she so pleases and she can multi-task while doing it! She can chew on her fingers (as seen below), play with a toy, look around and laugh, etc. No longer are the days where she has to "focus" on sitting.

I added these great tub pics b/c I fear the sink/tub days are almost over. You can see that she is about to pop out of the of the tub and now that she can sit, she likes to do so in the tub. After she's had her bath and is rinsed off, we let her sit in the tub and splash around. She's almost ready for a 100% sitting up tub-time!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

1, 2, 3...4 Puppies!

P.S. Did you know we had puppies? Well, really, Kaya had puppies. It was sort of a surprise to us, too. We had about 2 weeks notice. Thomas' friend built us a great box and the puppies have been fun to have and absolutely no work thus far. Kaya is a busy mom (we have bonded now, of course) but it hasn't affected our lives yet! They are too cute. These pics are from their first day...which was 1/20/10. There are 3 girls and 1 boy. I'll upload more pics of them soon; they look much different now. Let me know if you know anyone who'd like one! We still have two left (one is going to Lucia and one to Emily). They will be ready to leave Kaya in about a month.

Bad Habits

I've gotten into a bad habit...not writing blogs! I was in such a good habit before Ellie was here and in her first few months. Now? Weeks go by and I don't even think about it!!! Here's to changing bad habits into good ones...

Ellie is six of 2/8/10. She has enjoyed starting solids and loves bananas over rice cereal. We haven't tried them yet, but sweet potatos are next. She loves to sit in her high chair and eat with the big kids aka Mom & Dad.

Sometimes she's more fascinated with her bib or the spoon than the food!

Ellie gets a kick out of playing games now. She squeels when you "scare" her and even laughs when you tickle her. She also plays coy sometimes and will look away when you are trying to entertain her but she will still smile. She won't "acknowledge" you but she is cute. Daddy is still silly, too!

Do I have slobber on my shirt? Yes, I think I do.

I can flip over faster than you can say, "Cutie!"
I'm not crawling yet, but I think I understand how it might happen. Just lift up my belly and kick my legs!? Oh, I don't know. I think I'll just stay right here for now.

Here's Ellie helping Mommy preview a house. Here she is showing off her sitting skills. This was at the beginning of her sitting voyage so she's still leaning. She's much better now. Now, she can sit and chew on something at the same time without even wobbling! I'll try to get a video uploaded of her sitting and playing just takes so darn long to do. Most times, it "Fails".