Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Video: Girl Talk

I ran to get the camera when Ellie started cooing, laughing, and other "talking". Of course, she wasn't doing it nearly as much once I began recording. About halfway through the video she starts to get a little more animated. She loves staring at the fan above Mommy's bed. Can't wait for belly laughs!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Real Estate Photos

Courtney (of Lovely Photography) has once again made us look fabulous! Ellie doesn't need any help with that, but sleep-deprived Mommy could always use a little editing. :)
I've joined Savvy & Co. Real Estate and am considering using this photo for my Real Estate Blog...CharlotteRealEstateMom.com. I'll be selling real estate in Charlotte as I have since 2005, but I'll also be putting a twist on my "niche" market (moms, moms-to-be, families, etc). I think this precious photo will help sell lots of houses...don't you!?!?! ;) I'll let you know when my website (SarahMartinHomes.com) and my blog are up-and-running. I'll also have a Fan page on Facebook for Real Estate clients, mortgage brokers, other Realtors, etc. I know-who knew I was so tech savvy?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fun around the House

Ellie is so cute! Look how much bigger she is...if you check out the August 9th blog, you can see how much longer she is and how her head fills out the pillow more now. She enjoys the swing to an extent...anywhere between 2 min and 10min.

Hehe...I'm peeking at Mommy in the kitchen. You didn't know I could sideways scale a wall?

Mommy loves when I lay like this...it reminds her that I am still a tiny new baby AND I look like frog. Doesn't get much better than that.

All this fun makes me sleepy...being sleepy makes me cry. Look! I'm as stiff as a board!

Newborn Photo Shoot

Courtney did an amazing job on these newborn pics! The first two were taken at our home and the second portion Courtney took at the hospital on Ellie's second day. Thanks for capturing these precious first moments for us! Sorry that the pics are so small...I don't know how to make them bigger!?!? Enjoy!
ps-Since these pics are over 6 weeks old, Ellie is looking like a different girl now!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Grandpa's Visit

We had a great time when Grandpa Bretz was in town last week. Ellie loved hanging with him and he had a knack for calming her down, too. Can't wait to see you and Grammy again in October! This pic was taken at Stool Pigeons on Friday afternoon. Thomas had a few hours off before the dinner shift and Emily just finished her Friday classes so we met and had a few beers and then went to the Brew, Blues, & BBQ fest. The weather was great and felt like fall was coming!

Flying baby! She had a great time hanging out and just relaxed with the adults! :)

I love Daddy.

I promise...we did not give her any beer. She just looks like she enjoyed some. She loves to "gangsta chill" in her car seat.

Happy Fam at BBQ fest on Trade & Tryon

Intently sleeping.

Lunch time-thanks, Grandpa/Dad!

Ellie & Grandpa just hanging out on the couch.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Chubby Cheeks

Ellie is filling out! Check out her adorable chubby cheeks. :)

Mmm...my lower lip is so yummy!

Now I am officially passed out!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Martin Family Visits

Ellie has had a great time meeting and hanging out with the Martin side of her fam.

Aunt Lucia came and visited Ellie every day in the hospital. She has been a great Aunt and loves to hold little Ellie!

Emma LOVES her new cousin. Emma was patiently awaiting Ellie's birth and is truly so excited that she's finally here. I've seen Emma 3 or 4 times since having Ellie and she first points to my belly and says, "Your baby come out?" and then looks at Ellie and says, "That's your baby. That's Ellie Grace." My sister-in-law Regina gives me updates on Emma's newest "Ellie comments" and passes on things like: "I love Ellie", "Can we go see Ellie today?", "My doll's name is Ellie."
Ellie is very lucky to have TWO fabulous cousins in town who will not only play with her soon but who will look out for her. We'll get Isabella (Emma's older sister) in the next set of pics (she was busy playing with her friend this day and didn't make any photo op's) :)

She loves her! She couldn't take her eyes off of Ellie.

Here's Emma & Ellie when we first arrived to Regina & Todd's house. Can you believe that Emma pulled this chair over to Ellie's carseat!?!? It was so precious. No one was really paying attention to them and I happen to look over at Emma who was previously crouching in front of Ellie and saw her pull up this chair and grab Regina's camera. She sat in front of Ellie and took probably 25 pics of her. Too cute! (If you're wondering what the white thing next to Ellie's head is....it's a diaper. That's right, a diaper. She can't keep her head up without either a diaper or small blanket helping her out. The diaper is classy, I know.)

Here's proud Mommy & Aunt Regina with two of her three fave girls. Again, Isabella was inside playing with the big kids. :)

Nonna! Ellie loves her Nonna who gave her this cute ruffled onesie she's wearing. Loredana came over for a lovely evening visit last week and Ellie sat with her for the longest time in complete content. There will be many sleepovers & makeover parties in their future!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Ellie's Signature Piece

Good ol' Aunt Kristen (aka Prewitt) gave Ellie this adorable headpiece even before she was born. We were visiting in Tallahassee for FSU's graduation and Kristen presented to me what she said would certainly be Ellie's "signature piece." I admit, it was a hit when she wore it to Regina's BBQ. Here are a few peeks at the piece.

"Okay, Mom...I'm not sure about this. What IS this on my head??!!"

"Well Dad seems to like it. He & I are sitting here listening to music and I'm liking this headband now!"

Still thinking about it...

"I'm using my hands a lot now! I am wearing my 'Kristen headband' and my 'Courtney preemie onesie'! Mommy's friends are so stylish." :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My First Bottle!

We started using the bottle now and then so Thomas can help with feedings and it worked the first time! Ellie didn't skip a beat when we put the bottle in her mouth and didn't seem to care that food was coming from Daddy and not me! She's doing great!