Sunday, June 28, 2009

Modern Baby Shower

My fabulous friends at Modern threw me the most adorable shower at Deana's house. We had a great time and it was good to see all the Modern girls at once! That maybe hasn't happened since the last Christmas party....

Here's another fabulous cake that Nicole made (it matches the Splash theme of the nursery....or it will match it once we get around to decorating the room completely). Nicole pointed out that she was planning our wedding cake this exact time a year ago! Ah yes, we like to keep things interesting each year.

Here are Amy & Heather trying to figure out what baby items are in these socks. It wasn't so easy! Fortunately, as mommies-to-be, Melissa Utsey and I were the two top winners. Whew-there is hope that we will be great moms! :)

Thank you, Deana & Trisha for a great shower! The diaper bag you guys got us is already ready to go out on our first outing! Love you!

Thank you, Jenni, for taking all of these great photos! :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Maternity Shoot

We had the most amazing time taking these pics for a maternity shoot with Photographer Courtney Linnehan (who also happens to be a great friend!). They turned out beautifully and I'm so happy to have such a talented friend. Check out her other shoots at:
I'll post more pictures from our shoot as they become available.

So sweet!

Can you believe all of these pics are in our backyard? It's amazing how Courtney can take one angle and make it look like we're in another location altogether. (Handsome guy, right?) :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Nursery!

Here's Thomas getting ready to paint the baby's room. We decided on a light pink since her bedding will probably be green, yellow, & blue "underwater" themed. He painted while I was at work and wouldn't let me see his finished product until after dinner....

The reveal! He "arranged" the room with stuff we already crib or dresser yet, so we put some other pieces in the room. I think this bassinet will go in our room for the first few weeks or so. It's coming along!

Dad & his finished product! That quilt hanging from the bassinet was handmade by Amy J's mom...such a treasure for us to have for years to come!

And here's mom....This is my side view at about 31 weeks. Only 9 or so more to go!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Baby Shower in Florida

Thomas made all the fabulous food for the shower. Mom & Emily were kind enough to throw us a shower and we had a great time! We had some family, high school friends, college Chi O's, and even some of my dearest friends' moms with us! Thanks to everyone for coming and for the fabulous gifts!

Yay! Now we can leave the hospital since we've got the mandatory carseat! I wasn't sure if we could figure it took all three of us! (And then a little help from Cousin/New Daddy Pete).

A diaper cake! Who knew I'd ever be excited about one!?!? It is so cute..I hate to have to rip it apart soon for the diapers, wipes, and bottles.

Emily got one of my favorite childhod toys: a glow-worm! Seems like Grandpa Larry is happy about it, too. Or is he just REALLY excited to meet his first grandchild!?!?

We figured the carseat out! Here's little glowworm enjoying the new carseat. Just so you know, we've practiced putting the carseat in the stroller at home and you may find us casually strolling around the house with it. Don't be alarmed: we're just getting the dogs used to it and getting ourselves used to it. The dolls/bears we've been using as props have really been good sports; letting us put them in the BabyBjorn carrier, the car seat, the stroller, and the bassinet. We're having a ball!